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Generate high-converting product descriptions in seconds

SEO-optimized product descriptions are vital for any e-commerce success. With constant new product launches, dedicating time to craft engaging copy might seem impossible, right? Fear not! Smartli’s Product Description Generator makes creating high-quality, original descriptions quick and effortless.

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Supercharge your social media with AI Ads Writer, instantly creating high-quality content!

This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of an AI text generator, essay writer, and copy enhancer to craft compelling content in seconds. Enhance your brand's presence with our AI logo creator, rewriter, and character generator, and captivate your audience with stunning visuals from our AI video editor.

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High quality product descriptions with AI that drive insane profits

Drive insane profits with high-quality product descriptions using our AI suite: text generator, essay writer, copy enhancer, logo creator, rewriter, character generator, and video editor Enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement effortlessly Maximize your marketing impact and conversion rates with precision-crafted content

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Discover AI Product Descriptions Generated with Smartli’s AI

Here are a few example descriptions written by our AI product description generator online. No more struggling for the right words. Let our AI tool do it for you.

Description Example
Description Example
Description Example
Description Example
Description Example
Description Example
Description Example
Description Example

Who can use Smartli Product Description Generator?

E-Commerce Businesses
Social Media Managers
Content Writers
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SEO Specialists

Customers Experience

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L337 Apparel by AnarchyGFX
Shopify Store Owner

“nice app. Haven't messed with it much over a day but Love just about any kind of AI Ive come across thus far so I am sure when I get good at it Ill be able to have my store on point”

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Beauty Magix
Shopify Store Owner

“I have tried smartli, and I found the product description to be excellently descriptive of the products that I have tried it on. Furthermore, I found the text composition to be engaging. It also takes some important ingredients.”

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GOAT Gifters
Shopify Store Owner

“I was very pleased to find a AI app to help me write my product description and also SEO Optimizer. I received a amazing customer service assistant from Rochelle and would definitely recommend Smarti for business.”

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Queens Boutique And More LLC
Shopify Store Owner

“Very easy to use app. I really like the products. Very nice quality. Rochelle has been so helpful with any questions I have had. She is professional, quick to respond and has been wonderful to work with. Thank you Rochelle.”

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Shopify Store Owner

“I have tried smartli, and I found the product description to be excellently descriptive of the products that I have tried it on. Furthermore, I found the text composition to be engaging.”

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Executive Quality Store

“As a blogger, finding the right tools to create engaging and high-quality content is crucial, and Smartli has proven to be an invaluable asset in my content creation toolkit.”

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Content Writer

“Smartli has been an absolute game-changer for my content creation process. As a content writer, I am always on the lookout for tools that can help me generate high-quality content efficiently, and Smartli has exceeded my expectations.”

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Shopify Store Owner

“This app has made creating content for my Shopify store much easier. Smartli is intuitive and has significantly enhanced my ability to generate high-quality blogs, ads, and product descriptions.”

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Shopify Store Owner

“Smartli has been incredibly useful and user-friendly. It has significantly enhanced my Shopify store setup experience by generating blogs, ads, and product descriptions.”

Frequently asked questions

What is Smartli?

Smartli AI makes writing faster and cheaper with AI. Create SEO Booster & friendly product descriptions & blogs with just a few keywords in seconds. Smartli works as your AI copywriter, and you can handle incomplete or poorly written product descriptions when dropshipping with local or AliExpress suppliers.

How can Smartli AI help with my business?

Smartli AI offers many key features to enhance any business. We have a Product Description Generator, AI Blog Writer, AI Ad Writer, AI Logo Generator, and many other features that make it incredibly helpful for all businesses.

How much does Smartli AI cost to use?

Smartli AI offers multiple plans to cater to your needs. If you're just starting, the best option is the Pro plan, which includes everything needed for a startup. For advanced AI features, the Empire plan is available. Both plans are priced under $100.

Is there any hidden charge during 7 day trial?

Absolutely not! There are no hidden charges or fees during the 7-day trial. You will not be charged at all during that period and will have complete access to all the premium features.

What is an AI Ads writer? What platforms does it support?

Smartli AI Ads Writer supports many platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google, TikTok, Instagram, and many others.

I started using the app. Why do I need to subscribe?

You can always use the FREE plan, but if you want to advance your business, Smartli AI Premium plans offer huge benefits. The additional features unlocked with the premium plans can significantly boost your business to the next level.

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